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Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, a long-time advocate for local food and sustainable agriculture, includes a special section on the issue of “Local Food and Farms” on her website. Of particular interest is the section on Chefs to Schools, featuring another hard-working advocate, Kathy Gunst:

First Lady Michelle Obama has started a great initiative to connect chefs with schools across the country to address childhood obesity. By training food service workers, starting wellness programs, teaching cooking classes and more, these chefs have become a powerful tool in teaching kids healthy eating habits. I was able to see what a successful relationship this could be while visiting schools in South Berwick. Chef Kathy Gunst has taken the students under her wing, showing kids how to make healthy food and helping them build a greenhouse where students grow vegetables that they can eat.

Maine schools have been doing great work in starting programs to get real, healthy food to students. At the same time, we are getting to be known nationally for the caliber of our Chefs and restaurants. Let’s put these two great trends together. Below is a list of Maine schools looking for chefs, and Maine chefs looking for schools. For more information, click on the resource links below or call my Portland office at (207) 774-5019.

Best, Chellie

If you’re a Maine school looking for chefs, or a chef looking for a school, here’s a way to find your match! For more information:

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    1. Come to CSA Days at the Winter Farmers’ Market in February — it’s a great opportunity to meet our local farmers and discuss possible grow plans!

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