Annual NH Agricultural Literacy Program, March 8

The 2012 New Hampshire Agriculture Literacy Program is set to begin in schools on Thursday, March 8th, National Agriculture Day. This year’s reading selection is Charlie Needs a Cloak, and focuses on sheep farming and fiber production. If interested in getting involved, they are seeking volunteers for reader/farmer teams to visit schools in New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom (NHAITC ) is gearing up for its annual Agriculture Literacy Program which will be launched on National Agriculture Day, Thursday, March 8th. Each year volunteers visit New Hampshire elementary schools during the month of March to help children learn about the importance of agriculture. Storybooks with farm related themes are read to the students and associated programs enable them to meet farmers and learn about the production of food and fiber. This year’s book, Charlie Needs a Cloak, by award winning New Hampshire author Tomie dePaola, will provide a window into the world of sheep farming and fiber production and use.

In 2011 over 4000 children were reached with the Agriculture Literacy Program.  Donations of books to school libraries and lesson plans for teachers enable children to continue to learn about these topics long after the volunteers have gone home.

Anyone interested in volunteering or scheduling a reader/farmer team to visit a school should contact Ruth Smith, NHAITC Statewide Coordinator at 603-224-1934 or

New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom is a private, non-profit organization, dedicated to helping New Hampshire youth understand and appreciate the important role that agriculture plays in their daily lives. Support is provided by the New Hampshire Farm Bureau, the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food and donations from businesses, organizations and individuals. The program offers resources for educators, professional development workshops, in-school presentation, school to farm events, Ag Literacy programs, and curriculum consultation.

For more information: contact Coordinator Ruth Smith at, 603-224-1934, or visit their website,


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