Brookford Farm Finds A New Home in Canterbury

Brookford Farm’s search for a new home may finally be coming to an end:

Town land purchased for farming

Stonyfield Farm’s Gary Hirshberg has teamed up with an organic farmer to buy Canterbury’s 613-acre sod farm, and the local selectmen are thrilled – even if the price was $200,000 less than they initially hoped for.

“We’re quite happy both with the amount and with the actual purchaser,” Selectman Bob Steenson said.

In the transaction, Hirshberg would pay $900,000 for Intervale Farm, formerly the Gold Star Sod Farm, and then open it up to Luke and Catarina Mahoney, presently farming in Rollinsford, for a long-term lease.

“Over time, our hope is that the farm will be successful enough that Luke will be able to buy . . . it from me,” said Hirshberg, who calls himself Stonyfield’s “CE-Yo.”

“I know it’s not going to happen overnight,” Hirshberg said.  Read more…

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