Update: Late Blight Confirmed in Vermont

From Becky Sideman, UNH Cooperative Extension:

Late blight was confirmed yesterday on tomato in a home garden in Jericho VT. So – it’s closer than it has been. That is the only site thus far in New England, except for Aroostook County, Maine. Especially with rainy weather coming, consider protectant fungicides (see recommendations at our late blight page: http://extension.unh.edu/Agric/LateBlight.htm).

If you suspect late blight, please mail or deliver a sample to UNH Cooperative Extension for diagnosis. Late blight identification is free of charge; write ‘late blight confirmation’ at the top of the form. Mail or bring samples to: UNH Cooperative Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab, G37 Spaulding Hall, 38 Academic Way, Durham, NH 03824.

Also from Eric Sideman, MOFGA:

Late blight has been found this week in a garden in Vermont.  It still remains only in a small number of isolated spots around the Northeast (one in the County in Maine, a garden in Vermont, a few farms in New York on Long Island, etc.). It is not time for tears or fear yet, BUT it is time for vigilance. Be sure to scout your potatoes and tomatoes frequently. If you find a problem and suspect late blight, please send me a picture (in focus please). If I suspect late blight, but it is not a clear case, then I will suggest you send a sample to the Pest Management Office for positive identification. At this time, none of the many pictures I have received have been late blight. At this time, early blight and septoria leaf spot are common, and in some damp situations Botrytis is popping up. Here is a great site with good pictures:

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