Choice Bits: Gimmie Spaghetti, Goat Cheese, and Becoming Certifiably Local

This week’s round-up includes profiles of  local food producers who are also vendors at the Seacoast Eat Local Winter Markets—respectively known for their pasta and Red Gravy, and goat cheese and Yo-Goat-Gurt—and news of a program to certify New Hampshire restaurants that source their ingredients locally.

On David Valicenti and Valicenti Organico, from Seacoastonline:

A passion for pasta

“We sell at a lot of markets and they’re great but someday we want a small place where Michelle can make her pastries and I can make and sell the pasta and still be able to talk to everyone and share the passion.” Read more…

Donna Lee and Hickory Nut Farm, from the York Independent:

No Kidding Around

“In those days, we put a cooler out by the main road and offered the cheese for free. But in exchange, we asked the customers to fill out a questionnaire telling us what they liked and did not like about the cheese,” she told me. “We learned a lot from that. Customer comments and suggestions have guided our product development.” Read more…

New Hampshire Farm to Restaurant Connection‘s new ‘Certified Local’ program, “celebrating NH restaurants that are committed to NH agriculture and food producers”:

Restaurant “Certified Local” Program

We believe that this initiative will benefit restaurants, farmers and food producers and, ultimately, consumers. Restaurants serving locally produced food meet an increased demand, farmers experience expansion of the market for their product and consumers are served fresh, healthier and better tasting food. Read more…

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