Seacoast Harvest Fundraising!

Thanks to the cheerful efforts of a team of volunteers, we are nearly finished with gathering data for the 2011 edition of Seacoast Harvest, the local food guide published by Seacoast Eat Local. This indispensable guide looks better, gets bigger, and becomes more comprehensive every year.Why the Seacoast  loves our Seacoast Harvest guide: we don’t charge farms to be listed, we give it away for free to individuals and organizations, it promotes eating locally and connecting to farms and food, we list every farmer we can in 3 counties, it’s printed with certifiably environmentally sound practices, it lists all farmers’ market for summer and winter, and it’s chock full of inspiration for supporting your local food economy.

We are hoping to publish 8,000 copies again this year, but we can’t do it alone! We are seeking sponsorships in order to print Seacoast Harvest. Thanks to the generous donations from Seacoast businesses, organizations, citizens, and farmers, we are close to our goal. However, we have $3,000 left to go before we make our goal.

How you can donate (your donation is tax-deductible):As an individual: A $25 donation will get you the 2011 edition mailed to you, hot off the presses in late May! An easy and affordable way to participate in your local food community.

As a business: For $100, $250, or $750 we will highlight your business in print, on-line, and through our hoppin’ social media outlets. A great way to connect your business to the local food movement.

Please email me for further information. Our deadline for fundraising is April 15. $3000 left to go! Let me know if you would like to help:

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