Food Banks and Fresh Produce

It is often held as conventional wisdom that food banks do not accept donations of perishable food items such as the fresh fruits and vegetables that most readers of this blog often enjoy.  Earlier this year Seacoast Eat Local began encouraging gardeners to grow a row of crops to donate to their local shelters and food pantries.  And we also mentioned the need to check first with the pantries to ensure that they were equipped to handle fresh produce.  A couple of members even took the additional step of compiling a list of nearby food pantries and soup kitchens.

Today in the NY Times there is further discussion of this issue as increased sales of fresh produce in grocery stores has led to increased donations of surplus produce by those stores. Some food pantries are even taking the amazing step of starting their own farms or food processing facilities.  The article is great food for thought as winter approaches, planning for next year’s garden starts to take place, and millions across America don’t have enough good food to eat.

From Canned Goods to Fresh, Food Banks Adapt

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