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In the Concord Monitor on Monday there was an article about a food pantry in Langdon, NH that has asked local gardeners to plant an extra row of vegetables that could be donated to the pantry. The Monitor followed that story up with an editorial that points out a UU church that has tilled up part of its lawn to plant vegetables to help refugee families and food pantries. Food prices have been rising while our economy has been weakening. Concurrently, gardening is gaining in popularity. I know there are plenty of new and experienced gardeners on the Seacoast, and I would encourage all of you to consider planting an extra row in your garden to set aside for your local food bank.

For a list of food pantries and soup kitchens in NH please visit the NH Food Bank at Find.html. There are at least 20 food banks located in Rockingham and Strafford Counties. Since not all food pantries are equipped to handle perishable items, please contact the pantry ahead of time to discuss their needs and capabilities.

If you’re interested in reading up and getting some advice before starting, here are some sites you may want to visit.

Plant a Row for the Hungry

Plant a Row Grow a Row

Finally, if anyone is interested in making this part of a community effort, please let us know.

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  1. Jeff, thanks for posting this. Food justice is an important issue and the sustainable food movement needs to get more involved in projects like these — for me eating locally is not only about nourishing ourselves but others as well. How can we connect all those gardeners who find themselves with too many tomatoes and zucchinis with those in need?

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