Popcorn …

… is popping up all over the Seacoast! (groan – my cheesiness overwhelms even me.)


I picked up the Wake Robin Farm popcorn on the cob at the last Hampton Farmers’ Market, though they will be at Portsmouth for a few more weeks and then at the Holiday Farmers’ Market on November 17th from 9am-2pm at Macintosh Atlantic Culinary Academy in Dover.

Audrey told me about Middle Road Farm, a farm stand on 111a in Brentwood, which is also selling beautiful pumpkins and other vegetables.

Along with Parcell Farm at 589 Pickering Road in Rochester, this brings our local popcorn sources up to 3!

and a popcorn side story: When October hit, I wanted to use up some of the popcorn I’d had before finding out about the local sources. I made a batch up and was munching away thinking, “this just isn’t as good.” But I convinced myself it was in my local-foods-biased head. Then my husband called from the other room, “this popcorn isn’t very good! Where is it from?” It’s true, our local and fresher popcorn has a more complex taste – nuttier is the first word that comes to mind, and just . . . better.

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