McClary Hill Farm

A recent email from a (new to me) farm tells us about another source for milk, eggs, honey, turkey, chicken, pork, and lamb. This farm will also be vending at our Holiday Farmers’ Markets – the Saturday before Thanksgiving and the Saturday before Christmas at the Atlantic Culinary Academy in Dover!

“I’m in Epsom, in Merrimack County, but I’m a half-mile from the Rockingham County line!  Our farm is McClary Hill Farm.  We raise Jersey cows for milk (and occasionally beef), and we also have chickens (for meat and eggs), turkeys, pigs, sheep (Icelandic), and bees.  All our animals are pasture-raised, and any grain we give is certified organic.  Our farm is not, however, U.S.D.A. certified.  We probably won’t jump through those hoops.  During the winter, we feed the animals hay from local fields.  We’re working on creating our own hay fields right now so that we’ll have complete control over the food supply by the following winter.  If you’d like to see more information, you can look at”

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