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Brookridge Boilers
Richard & Suzanne Guillemette
2144 Alfred Rd (Route 111)
Lyman, ME 04002
phone: (207) 490-2957 or (207) 432-4749
email: rachelcecile @ gmail . com

I am a 4th generation sugar maker. My husband and I are beginning our 11th season in our family run maple operation. We tap trees in our local area with the majority being in buckets. We personally make and package all of our maple products. My husband and I try to keep things as old fashioned as possible. We hope to pass this tradition onto our 3 children.

Agricultural Practices:
No synthetic chemicals used, No antibiotics used, No added hormones, Free range eggs

Products are available for sale:
At farmers' markets: Summer: Sanford
This farm sells to restaurants
This farm sells to retailers
At farm (call ahead)
Variety of vegetables
chicken eggs, goose eggs, duck eggs
Maple syrup
Last updated on 2/28/13
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