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Thistle Ridge Farm
Sherri Towle
379 Tolend Road
Dover, NH 03820
phone: (339) 227-8075
email: thistleridgefarm1 @ yahoo . com

We are a small owned and run family farm for over 70 years. We take pride in running our farm and the friendly personal service we offer. We can take care of alot of your farm needs, if we do not have what you need we try to help you find what you are looking for. Thistle Ridge Farm tries to have farm friendly atmosphere and an enjoyable place to get things from and to visit, a place you want to come back to and tell your friends and family about. We offer many items you need fertile eggs, table eggs, chicks of many kinds, feathers, tours, incubator rental and much more. Come see us or call for your farm needs and let us show you what we can do for you, with your farming needs.

Agricultural Practices:
No antibiotics used, No added hormones, Free range

Conservation Easements:
Strafford Rivers Conservancy

Products are available for sale:
Call farm to place orders or to get details on what is available, you also can email us to place orders or find out what is being sold.
tomatoes, cukes, squash and many others, varies per year
fertile eggs and table eggs and decorating eggs, for emu, duck, geese, chicken, occasionaly peafowl
blackbery, blueberry, sour cherries, pears, apples, peaches
turkeys,chickens, emu, ducks, geese
feathers, eggs for decorating, incubator rentals with eggs, tours of hatching process, hiking on farm trails school day out in the forest, referral services, custom eggs hatching and much more
Last updated on 3/17/13
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