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Brooke’s Post: Tuna Salad Without The Tuna: A Vegetarians Dream


For the past 15 years I have practiced vegetarianism. Being a 5 year old and finding out that meat was an animal, broke my aspiring Veterinarian heart. Ever since, I have cut meat out of my life completely. I do still eat eggs and dairy, therefore being considered a lacto-ovo vegetarian. At this point in […]

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Kathleen’s Post: Talking Sustainability with Chef Matt Louis


I met with Chef Matt Louis at a coffee shop in Portsmouth on a drizzly Monday evening. For those who may not know, Chef Matt Louis is the Chef and owner of two beautifully crafted restaurants in Portsmouth, NH: Moxy and Franklin Oyster House. Since we both work in the restaurant industry I knew his […]

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As I was walking around the Portsmouth market this past Saturday I became excited at the sight of brussels sprout stalks. Thanks to Zach’s Farm, I got to enjoy them a little early, as they are normally harvested in October. I admit it’s an odd vegetable to be obsessed with, but since I’ve had the […]

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Amber’s Post: Fall in Love with your Next Salad!

For me salads are a relatively quick and easy go-to dish. While I am at school and fortunate to have a salad bar with plenty of options, my bowl doesn’t always match up to Flatbread’s organic salad, or York 54’s baby kale and beets salad. So this past Saturday I picked up a few ingredients to […]

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Brooke’s Post: Got Zoodles? Low Carb Substitutes For All Your Favorite Dishes


This past weekend I attended my first Farmers Market in Exeter. As soon as I arrived to the market I started walking around talking to some of the farmers and getting familiar with the different stands. I would be lying if I told you my mouth wasn’t watering a little bit while the aromas of […]

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Success and Struggle: A Farm Profile


Farming is hard. Small family farms struggle. Debt is strangling. Markets are on the decline. We hear it a lot. These things are all true, and make no mistake- small farms in our region are feeling the pinch, especially in this summer of drought and baking sun. But, there is a more nuanced story to […]

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Kathleen’s Post: Returning to SEL!

Hey everyone! For those of you I haven’t yet met, my name is Kathleen and I am returning for my second semester as an intern for the wonderful Seacoast Eat Local. During the spring semester of 2016, I focused on working at the Winter Farmer’s Market, writing recipes using all local ingredients while staying within […]

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Amber’s Post: A Bit about Me!

Editor’s Note: We are thrilled to welcome Amber onto our intern team this semester. Her food-enthusiasm is evident and we have enjoyed getting to know her so far! Make sure you say hello to her at the Portsmouth market on Saturday mornings! Hi! My name is Amber Freeman, I’m a junior at UNH studying Nutrition. […]

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Brooke’s Post: The Super Food That You Always Overlooked But Does So Much

I know not everyone believes in super foods, but I am certainly a believer. If there is a food out there that provides you with exceptional health benefiting factors beyond its normal nutrients, then why not believe in super foods? Some may have never even heard of the super food flaxseed, so let me be […]

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Brooke’s Post: An Introduction!

Editor’s Note: We are thrilled to have Brooke with SEL this semester as our new Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum Student. We have received and benefited from many of these wonderful UNH students in the past and look forward to working with Brooke. Make sure you say hi to her at markets! Hi Everyone! My name […]

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