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Kathleen’s Post: Recipes for Pumpkin and Apple Season!


Apple and pumpkin season is here and I hope you have been able to get outside to do some picking at local orchards or by making a visit to your farmer’s market as the season starts to come to an end and we get ready for winter markets! Here are some easy recipes to spice […]

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Shop Your Pantry


It’s that time of the year when things in the local foods world feel in flux. Harvests are still strong, but we are firmly transitioning to late fall and winter crops. The last of the summer markets are coming to an end and summer CSA pick up days are numbered on just a few fingers. […]

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Amber’s Post: A Twist on Tacos


 Tacos are a simple and easy meal to cook. They offer an awesome crunch and can be very satisfying after a long day of work! This week I stepped away from a traditional taco recipe by incorporating some seasonal vegetables packed with delicious nutrients. From the last market I had some leftover brussel sprouts and carrots. […]

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Guest Post: Winter Farmers’ Markets are a Win for All


Editor’s Note: We love having guest posts from local businesses, farms or individuals- contact us if you have something blog-worthy! Today’s post celebrates the winter farmers’ markets – see our newly released dates on our website I hope this finds all of you making the most of the gorgeous fall we’re having on the Seacoast!! While […]

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Brooke’s Post: Recreating the Muffin


If you are as much of a veggie lover as I, but also have a major sweet tooth than you’re in luck. If you are someone who has a hard time fitting in all those veggies in your diet than you’re also in luck. Coming home from my local market with bags of fresh veggies […]

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Kathleen’s Post: Coffee on the Seacoast


One of my favorite questions that I am asked when I mention to someone that I study nutrition is, “I drink a lot of coffee, is that bad for me?” I feel like there has always been at least some controversy about coffee consumption, and while there are always two sides to every story and […]

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Amber’s Post: Got Vegetables? Make a Soup!


This past week I’ve been recovering from a cold, so at Saturday’s market I bought an array of vegetables with the intention of making a soothing soup.  I purchased a head of cauliflower, a couple of peppers, onions, as well as a green and yellow zucchini. I also picked up a butternut squash, which contains […]

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Brooke’s Post: What Colors Did You Eat Today?


What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think of a farmers’ market? For me, one of the first words is color. Every single time I stroll down the market way I can’t help but be drawn in by the magnificent colors. It is true that eating a variety of colors will […]

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Kathleen’s Post: “Food” vs. Food


From chemical fertilizers and pesticides to the fuel being used to transport “food” cross-country, our country is using an outrageous amount of fossil fuels and is emitting a shameful amount of greenhouse gases. Not only does this type of “food” increase pollution, it has also played a large part in why our healthcare costs have increased. A […]

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Amber’s Post: An Apple (or 5!) a Day


When the leaves start to change colors and the air turns brisk, a sunny afternoon at a local apple orchard is a relaxing way to end your week. A short drive from UNH, last Thursday I picked an overwhelming amount of macintosh apples from DeMeritt Hill Farm. Combined with my roommate’s apples, together we undertook a daunting […]

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