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What’s In Season (and what to do with it!)

photo by Caitlin Porter

By Caitlin Porter, Seacoast Eat Local Intern The farmer’s market carries produce that can differ from what we’re used to seeing in the grocery store. Certain vegetables such as bok choy and salad turnips can seem unusual and difficult to prepare. However, several farmers from the Dover Farmer’s Market (Wednesdays 2:15-6 pm) gave their tips […]

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Market Notes: Why do asparagus come in different sizes?

We were picking up a couple of bunches of asparagus at the local farmers’ market when we overheard a customer ask the farmer, “Why are these asparagus so many different sizes and why are they so long?” His question was a spontaneous reaction to seeing asparagus unlike the supermarket variety, with their uniform-sized spears packaged up into tidy bundles, […]

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Local Food: Duck Confit with Ginger-Braised Red Cabbage, and Pan-Fried Potatoes

Despite the hardy souls we see walking around in shorts (we mean you, Mr. UPS Man) and sandals, it’s still considered early spring here and evenings can be downright chilly. We find ourselves craving such warming foods as this duck confit, served up with a side of red cabbage braised with ginger and apples. Truth […]

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Featured Food: Farm-Fresh Eggs

Brandmoore Farm, Brookford Farm, Burnt Swamp Farm, Coppal House Farm, Hurd Farm, Jesta Farm, Kellie Brook Farm, Meadow’s Mirth Farm, Mona Farm, Our Place Farm, Patridge Farm, and Sugarmomma’s Maple Farm will all be bringing our featured food, eggs, to our April 13 Winter Farmers’ Market in Exeter! Eggs are quite abundant in the springtime, […]

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Market Notes: Potatoes

We will be featuring potatoes at our Winter Farmers’ Market on Saturday, January 26th at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford. While at the market, stop by the cooking demonstration table, where Chef Evan Hennessey of Stages at One Washington will be working wonders with this versatile tuber. Brookford Farm, Heron Pond Farm, Hollister Family Farm, Maine Herb Farm, Meadow’s Mirth Farm, Red Manse Farm, Riverside Farm, […]

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Market Notes: A Lamb for All Seasons

Don’t look now, but as the local food movement gathers momentum, the range of products offered is growing as well. Eating everything from heirloom tomatoes in the summer to fingerling potatoes in the winter, consumers have more choices than ever before. Lamb is one of those choices. As with all locally grown and raised products, […]

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Market Notes: The Many-Layered Onion

Onions are ubiquitous in today’s kitchen, a staple to many recipes. But can you imagine cooking without onions? We rely on these versatile bulbs for flavor in everything from soups to dips to salads. A red onion gives an amazing zip to a simple sandwich. The sweetness of sauteed onions adds a whole new layer […]

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Market Notes: Beet it!

What we think of as a beet, that red bulb, is actually the root of the garden beet. Its red color comes from a variety of betalain pigments, which have been shown to support the body’s detoxification process, activating and processing unwanted toxic substances. Plus, that beautiful color offers a delightful contrast to other winter […]

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Market Notes: Of Cabbages and Kings

Astoundingly, cabbage has been cultivated for more than 4,000 years. Its English name comes from the French word, caboche, meaning head, referring to its round shape. And while cabbage is most commonly associated with the Irish (and boiled dinners!), its history goes back to the Greeks and Romans; in fact, Emperor Claudius called upon his […]

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Market Notes: Stock Up on Cranberries!

Just in time for the holidays, Seacoast Eat Local will be selling cranberries from Sugar Hill Farm, ME, at our Winter Farmers’ Market this Saturday. These fresh, plump berries are perfect for making your own sauce, a delicious addition to any meal! The sale of cranberries is part of our fundraising efforts to support the […]

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