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How Big a Backyard Farm Do You Need?

This infographic from 1BOG (One Block Off the Grid) tackles the question, “How big a backyard do you need to live off of the land?” More and more people are turning away from grocery stores and utility companies in favor of their own back yard. The idea of becoming self-sufficient is an alluring one, but […]

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Market Notes: Peach Tart

People have different callings and, when it comes to baking, mine is in tarts and pies. Whether round or square, free-form or shaped, sweet or savory, it’s what I like to make. With the weather favorable to growing stone fruit, irresistible peaches are now in abundance at Seacoast farmers’ markets, farmstands, and pick-your-own farms. My […]

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Market Notes: Small Tomatoes

Once they’re in season, I indulge as much as possible in luscious tomatoes of every kind but, when it comes to preserving, my tomato of choice are the smaller ones. Some of the varieties now popping up at Seacoast farmers’ markets, such as these yellow blush plums, and the smaller Principe Borghese, are particularly suited for […]

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The Ethics of Foraging

Like many in New England, I live in a place that once contained an apple orchard. The land has long since been divided up, but the old apple trees persist on bearing fruit, much of which, when the season comes, goes unharvested. Some view the resulting apple drop as a nuisance, I can’t help but […]

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DIY: Wood-Fired Clay Ovens

When a friend called to ask if we wanted a clay oven, I didn’t even ask how large it was before saying yes. I’m usually a minimalist and like to keep my arsenal of kitchen gear contained, but I’d recently read about them and was eager to try one out. The oven being offered was one of […]

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Growing Grains Locally: Rice Conference, August 6

With the increase in demand for local grains, New England farmers are now turning their attention to the possibilities of growing rice. A recent road trip to southern Vermont, where we visited the Brattleboro Farmers’ Market, gave us the opportunity to meet Linda Akaogi of Akaogi Farm, who, along with her husband Takeshi, is spearheading this effort. […]

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Market Notes: 31 Days of Summer Bounty

With 31 farmers’ markets now operating in the Seacoast, there’s one happening every day of the week. The Wire reports on Sara Zoe and Brendan’s grand tour spanning the month of July: 31 markets in 31 days According to the latest tally this summer, there are a record 31 weekly farmers’ markets in Rockingham, Strafford and […]

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2011 Seacoast Harvest is Here!

The new edition of Seacoast Harvest, Seacoast Eat Local’s annual guide to local food, has arrived! Many thanks to our sponsors for their continuing support, and to our volunteers who gave so generously of their time to help make this happen. From its beginnings as a simple folded black and white hand-out, Seacoast Harvest has grown […]

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Market Notes: Garlic Scape Pesto

Once asparagus season fades, garlic scapes take their place of honor in my ktichen. Garlic scapes are the flowering stalk of garlic that’s clipped off to encourage the plant to focus its energies on the bulb. I think of them as garden forage, the edible part of a plant that’s often neglected or overlooked. Though […]

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Market Notes: Preserving Strawberries

I’m a recent convert to freezing fruit. As a method of preservation, it results in a much fresher flavor. However, in the past there just wasn’t enough room in my freezer. Now, with 8 winter markets on the Seacoast, year round availability of local food has me rethinking what to store. I still put up batches of […]

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