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Emily’s Post: What Do YOU Want to Know?

This week, I have spent time thinking about what exactly I should focus on in my blog posts throughout the summer. After speaking with Jill about a few potential options, I decided to do a series, spending each week focusing on a farm (and farmers) from the Portsmouth Farmer’s Market. However, the question still stands […]

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Emily’s Post: Focused on Food Security

Editors Note: We are thrilled to welcome Emily to our summer intern program! We can tell already that she has a go-getters style and lots of knowledge of our field of work. Make sure you stop in to say hi to her on Saturday mornings in Portsmouth, and that you add your thoughts to some […]

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The Chicken Wars

Another confession of a backyard chicken owner: chickens are not for the faint of heart. As a friend said, “humans are cruel, chickens are just chickens.” Part of backyard chicken ownership is succession planning. My quartet of Henny, Penny, Jenny and Louise was now down to just Henny, Penny and Louise. Ask me sometime about […]

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Eat Like a Fish!

Seacoast Eat Local is taking you all on an adventure for the next 26 weeks! Along with our new friends, Eating with the Ecosystem out of Rhode Island, we will be encouraging you all to “Eat Like A Fish!” as we participate in an ongoing citizen science project! The goal of the research project is […]

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Veronique’s Post: When One Door Closes…

This winter season, as an intern for Seacoast Eat Local, has been one of the most wonderful and educational experience thus far. I’ve learned so much from both Shelly and Jill, my amazing co-interns, the array of farmers, and the many customers that I’ve met. I can still remember my first farmer’s market, and the buzz of energy […]

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Chloe’s Post: The Results are In! A Summary of My Older Adult Project

The Results are In! A Summary of My Older Adult Project Throughout my internship with Seacoast Eat Local, I have been working on a research project involving the local older adult population. The aim of this study was to find out a variety of things including (1) how much they knew about Seacoast Eat Local […]

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Emily’s Post: Strawberry Banana Nice-Cream

Last week I finally made the latest dessert fad: nice-cream.  It was so easy to make and so delicious I thought I would share with the Seacoast Eat Local audience.  For those of you who don’t know what nice-cream is, it is ice cream that is good for you, believe it or not!  It uses […]

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Chloe’s Post: My First Experience Canning

My mother is an avid canner. Growing up, I remember always seeing her with her canning supplies making fabulous jams! Though I usually do not consume jams, I still found the process fascinating. Therefore, I decided to learn from the best this Easter weekend. Since the weather is becoming progressively more gorgeous, I decided on […]

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Veronique’s Post: It’s Always Tea Time

What’s better than a steaming cup of tea and great book? The weather might be warming up but that won’t stop me from brewing a cup of my favorite tea. There are a variety of teas, with coinciding health benefits. Though I love my cup of Earl Grey, there are so many blends and flavors to entice […]

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Emily’s Post: An Insight on Local Foods

  Editor’s Note: It has been such a pleasure to work with Emily, and like her friend and intern predecessor Brooke, we have really enjoyed watching her have new learning experiences and deepen her understanding of local foods and agriculture. While we feel it proves the value of our work, we also feel it shows […]

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