Brooke’s Post: The Super Food That You Always Overlooked But Does So Much

fullsizerender-1I know not everyone believes in super foods, but I am certainly a believer. If there is a food out there that provides you with exceptional health benefiting factors beyond its normal nutrients, then why not believe in super foods? Some may have never even heard of the super food flaxseed, so let me be the first to introduce you to it. Flaxseed is a powerful little seed that holds within it evidenced-based powers to decrease breast, colon and prostate cancer, lower blood pressure, control diabetes, aid weight loss, and balance hormones such as estrogen and progesterone while decreasing cramps. This seed does it all. Would you consider it a super food now too?

Flaxseed is one of the foods richest in Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 FA are essential to the body, meaning the body cannot produce them on its own, requiring you to consume it within your diet. This is important for maintaining normal blood cholesterol along with preventing cancer cells from spreading. Flaxseed is also abundant in fiber. Containing both soluble and insoluble fiber, this benefits in lowering cholesterol and glucose levels while allowing your digestive tract to move quickly and smoothly.

My tip to you is to buy flaxseed meal that has been ground at local grocery store. My favorite flaxseed, as pictured, is from Trader Joes, in a meal form. If you were to buy the whole seed you would then have to chew it very thoroughly to break it apart to release the nutrients. Many just swallow the seeds whole traveling through the digestive system without being broken down. The serving size is 1 tablespoon, which is also the daily recommendation. You may ask, “well, how do you eat Flaxseed?” Flaxseed can be incorporated into your favorite smoothies, cereals, oatmeal’s, yogurts, I will even put them into my pancake or cookie batter. As pictured I made peanut butter crackers and celery and sprinkled some flaxseed on top. Buying flaxseed meal is my “go-to” because it is so fine that you cannot taste it when paired with other foods. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend taking a spoonful straight to the mouth because it will be hard to swallow since the meal is very dry.



To learn more about flaxseed and the benefits you can visit Medical News Today at

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