Margo’s Post: Farm Focus on Spiritwind Farm

It’s past 10:00 pm when the pizza finally comes out of the oven. While this maybe a delayed dinner, it is well worth the wait. My mom and I decided to make the pizza earlier that day once I got back from a busy day, which happened to be around 9 o’clock. We had cooked it just right, with the crust crunchy on the outside but perfectly chewy on the inside. The main ingredient of the pizza that made it one of the best we’ve made wasn’t the crust however, but the creamy pieces of goat cheese sprinkled on top, courtesy of local Spiritwind Farm. The tangy delicacy of the cheese was the perfect companion to the pesto and thinly sliced sautéed onions. Simple, but oh so good!

ResidScreen Shot 2016-06-15 at 4.48.01 PMing at Spiritwind Farm in Lebanon, Maine are a host of goats with names such as Pippi Longstocking, a Nubian with long floppy ears earning her name, and siblings Coco and Chevy. They are just a few of the twenty goat residents that we have to thank for such scrumptious cheese (and therefore, such scrumptious pizza). Pizza is not the only delectable fare Spiritwind goat cheese is good for – Kathy Ossinger, the owner of Spiritwind, replied “I use it in everything!” when asked what her favorite way to eat her goat cheese is. Some of these ways include in stuffed shells in replacement of ricotta, as an addition to salads, on crackers, or “just a scoop” all by itself.

Kathy not only creates cheese from the goat milk, but also makes yogurt, soaps with scents such as her best seller “Black Amber and Lavender,” and my personal favorite “Patchouli Spice,” and a moisturizer that is especially soothing to those with eczema and psoriasis. Other Spiritwind products include natural bug spray, shaving cream, after shave, and toner, which Kathy keeps on a rotating basis. Spiritwind is also open for farm stays, events, and weddings for those looking for a “pretty and private” space in Lebanon, Maine. To find out more about renting, staying at, or visiting Spiritwind Farm, visit the website

Spiritwind came into being after Kathy got goats as pets and then “discovered all you can do with the milk.” Kathy’s love for animals originated when she was a little girl, especially for horses (she now has English Shires that give carriage and sleigh rides at the farm). After retiring from being an ICU nurse five years ago, she focused more on farming and Spiritwind was born. The name Spiritwind was thought up by her father whom combined two talked about aspects of the house – that it had been deemed haunted by the neighbors prior to Kathy moving into the location, and that since the property sits upon a hill, it is very windy.

Spiritwind Farm sells a range of products and services from goat cheese to beauty products to farm stays and more. Check out Kathy’s stall at the Rochester market (Tuesdays from 3:30-6:30 at the Commons) and the Somersworth market (Thursdays from 3:00-6:00 at Goodwin Community Health). I suggest getting the goat cheese!

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