NH’s HB660 GMO labeling law up for vote *this* Wed 1/22

Just kidding about that last chance to act last week! The vote for NH’s GMO labeling law, HB660, was scheduled for 1/15 but was delayed to 1/22. Unfortunately the delay allowed the opposition to act, and we need to call our New Hampshire representatives to let them know what we think!

Here’s an update from NH Right to Know:

GMO labeling in NHThe House did not have time to vote on HB660 last week, so it will be voted on Wednesday, January 22. The extra week has given the biotech and grocery manufacturers additional time to put pressure on our legislators. Today the Grocery Manufacturers are running radio ads asking for people to call their reps and tell them to vote against the bill because they don’t want an increase in the cost of foods.

Please call your Reps … again! Tell your legislators that you want the right to know what is in your food. Then tell them you’d like to correct the misinformation they may have heard.

  • The Amended Version of HB660 exempts restaurants,  alcohol and medical food.
  • Enforcement: If a consumer thinks a food product has not been properly labeled, they can register a complaint with NH’s Dept. of Health and Human Services. The Dept. of Health and Human Services will contact the manufacturer to prove that the food is properly labeled. There will not be any consequences for the retailer if it has not been properly labeled, the consequences will be for the manufacturer who refuses to correct the mislabeling..
  • The State of New Hampshire has determined that labeling is a cheap and effective tool to offer transparency in the marketplace. The State has estimated that labeling would cost as little as 9 cents per NH resident.

Talking points (.pdf)
Find your Rep(s) Please note that calls make more impact, especially this close to the vote.
More information about HB660

Bonnie Wright
NH Right to Know GMO

NH Right to Know GMO is a statewide grassroots network of safe food advocates, working together to educate NH citizens, and our state legislators. Our goal is to reach a critical mass of awareness and support for HB660, NH’s pending bill that will require the labeling of Genetically Modified (GM) foods in New Hampshire.
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