Market Notes: Storing Rhubarb

Now that the first flush of spring is past, it’s time to start thinking ahead and putting up some stores for winter. Garlic scapes, peas and strawberries are all on this year’s preserving list and vying for my attention, but first I had a bin of late season rhubarb waiting to be dealt with.

When time is short, as it is now, freezing is a quick solution. Fruit in particular lends itself to this method of preservation, and rhubarb requires nothing more than cutting it up into bite-sized pieces. Freezing it now allows me to wait to process it into jam at a later date, simply defrost it beforehand. It also gives me the flexibility to choose how to use it, whether as an addition to a savory stew or baked in a sweet gratin.

Freezing rhubarb:

– Trim both ends, cutting off leaves and cupped end if necessary. Wash and dry stalks.

– Cut into 1/2 t

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